Discover…The Creative Cafe


Welcome to Creative FREEdom. We never charge any fees, or commissions. Better yet we free you of annoyances that just weigh down your career on others sites. For one, we don’t allow lemonade stand cheap overseas contractors. In fact, only California residents can create a profile. Best of all no middlemen get in your project business. We connect you directly with the client and get out of way. Stop in for a a taste.

Designers, Illustrators, Writers, Photographers, Developers, Programmers, and more declare your creative freedom.

The place for top local creative talent (California residents only now) to land that perfect project. Just you and your client one on one over a virtual latte. Better yet the company always picks up the check. Meaning you never pay project fees or commissions of any kind. Grab a seat, a biscotti and upload your portfolio for review. Sooner than you know, you’ll be meeting with your next client over real coffee.